Wedding dress silhouettes: What dress style best suits your body shape?

There are so many wedding dress silhouettes available, which then becomes confusing when deciding which style best suits your body shape? Do you know which is the best dress shape to show off your curves, and cover up those parts you would rather hide away?  We will talk about the 4 main wedding dress silhouettes, and help you decide on which shape, and style, best flatters your body shape.


Ballgown or Princess

The Ballgown or princess dress has a tight fitting bodice, often with lots of support and structure.  This silhouette will pull you in around your waist, and fall into a big floaty skirt. If you love big dresses, have a big bust or if your hips are slightly larger than your shoulders then this is the gown for you.  You may want to reconsider such a big dress if you are petite as they can look as if the dress is wearing you.


Quite a dramatic styles that suites an bride who's body is in proportion.  You don't have to be super slim to pull this shape off.  Fitted to the knee, this style is not to everyone's taste but does show the most amazing curves.



The much loved style for almost any body shape.  With almost any neckline, material and applique, this silhouette can make any bride look amazing.  For softer looks, go for chiffon and for the more structured appeal try opting for the new mikardo satin.



1846 back.jpg

This style can get confused with the mermaid or fish tail but the skirt actually stops higher above the knee so allows the bride to walk and dance the night away in comfort.  It is a comfortable dress and can make your body look taller but maybe look a adding a bardot strap to your arms if your hips are wider than your shoulder as this will balance out your body shape.