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The dress is done, now it is time forAccessories!

                         Let the styling can begin.

Choosing your dream dress is just the beginning of the journey, we now have to add the finishing touches to make you look perfect.  Being an Victoria Grace bride means you get to have our full styling expertise throughout your time with us. Many of our brides like to make little changes to the design of the dress by adding straps, filling up plunges or adding tops and jackets. This is all normal and something we are experts in doing. Whilst other Brides want to add some more lace detail or a sparkle skirt and all of this is possible with the help of our talented seamstresses.

Some of our Brides though just want to complete their perfect dress with a stunning Veil or Hairpiece and this can be chosen either during your Bridal Appointment or at your reviewing when you come to try on YOUR dress.  Either way we have such a selection of Veils, hairpieces, Jewellery, Belts and Jackets that will compliment you perfectly.


We love adding a Veil..

You either have a love or hate relationship with a veil. You either want to wear one just to finish a look, for traditional reasons or because it has meaning to you.  Or you just aren't the kind of person to wear a veil and that's ok to! Sometimes it is the veil that makes it all seem real. The veil can often be the thing that makes you feel like you are finally a Bride, it just brings everything together. It often makes your bridal party go from liking a dress to falling in love. Our veils range from £140 up to £380 and can come in all different lengths, textures and colours.



When we finally choose our dream dress, there might be something that is stopping us committing fully and a lot of the time this is due to wanting to add just that little bit of lace detail or cover up in places that are needed.  Some of us don't want a deep v plunge or very thin straps, this is completely normal not to wanting to show everything. At Victoria Grace we can show you what you can order or what we can make for you in the same laces and fabrics to match your dress perfectly to complete this look.

Making you feel confident and comfortable

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